Do you own a land and wish to maximize its value? Are you looking for a real estate developer to help you?
In order to increase the value of a property or land by creating a real estate project, Expert RoInvest proposes 2 options:

1) Association

As a partner with notable experience, Expert RoInvest will align its interests with those of landowners, assuming mutual risks and profits associated with a real estate development project.  Expert RoInvest has the knowledge, experience and the skilled personnel to carry out any project.

2) Acquisitions

Expert RoInvest is interested in the acquisition of properties for development.
In order to undertake preliminary analysis on any Real-Estate project we require:

/ details about the location:

- Site plan 1:500, 1:2000
- Land register
- a brief description (the distance from/to transportation networks or other   important targets: schools, shopping areas, parks and leisure areas, etc.)
- photos

/ Existing utilities
/ Proprietary documents:

/ Title to Property
/ Tabulation
/ Cadastral Register

/ Land documents (if any):

- Urbanism Certificate
- Authorizations and Permits
- PUD or PUZ

/ Technical Project (if any)

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