Expert RoInvest’s mission is to design, build and manage high quality buildings with a contemporary design and comfort, perfect for prospective tenants, occupiers and owners alike. To ensure the completed premises will be of excellent specification and appreciated for years to come, Expert RoInvest uses the latest techniques in design, construction, and architecture. Expert RoInvest’s vision is that Romanian cities can be classed amongst the most beautiful in Europe, by combining the unique heritage and architecture of the historic buildings with high quality new premises.
In each development project Expert RoInvest strives to create an environment of the highest quality for people to use and enjoy, now and in the future. This company ethos will contribute to ensuring Romanian cities are rich in both classical design and modern architecture.
To achieve its objectives and to maintain the highest standards Expert RoInvest specialists are selected not only for their professional qualifications and expertise in the field, but also for the ability to relate and work effectively as a team.
Excellence in quality, design rigor, transparency in all activities and respect for final user
In all its activities, Expert RoInvest has transparent rules and objectives determined with precision. Trust is the foundation of its operations: always respecting its promises; working openly; and in accordance with the highest standards. As an investor and developer, Expert RoInvest is constantly trying to overcome limitations, to use new architectural practices and to find innovative ways in order to set new standards in construction and design.
The company's commitment to excellence and its mission to create value for investors and tenants, places Expert at the forefront of the real estate sector in Romania, across the disciplines of acquisition, development and asset management .
Expert RoInvest is a leading owner, developer and Real Estate operator in Romania.

Founded in 2003, Expert RoInvest owns a rich portfolio of completed and under development projects.
The company owns, designs, develops and manages residential, office and touristic buildings.
Expert RoInvest undertake the entire investment process from:
1. market research, property analysis and land acquisition;
2. through to permitting, construction monitoring, development, and marketing;
3. and finally leasing and management/ disposition.


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