Expert RoInvest’s senior partners have amassed a wealth of experience through their roles as accomplished principle service providers, investors and investment managers at leading real estate organisations across the globe. Our investment and development professionals are experienced asset managers, financial surveyor’s and engineers.

Expert RoInvest strongly believes in the alignment of interest, and as such we co-invest with our clients in the investment vehicles that we currently operate.

Expert RoInvest seeks to add value through, research driven investment strategies, sensitivity to capital markets, exceptional investment sourcing and execution capabilities, combined with local knowledge. We continue to identify and execute leading-edge investment strategies for our clients.


Within Expert RoInvest research is paramount in developing investment strategies to meet client's needs. Both top-down and bottom up research analysis helps us to design and implement investment principles and strategies. Top-down research starts with analysis of trends and then identifies regional and local markets that should outperform the market as a whole. Bottom-up research identifies opportunities in the targeted markets. The results from these analyses are then used to project market capture, absorption, rental growth, velocity of sales and vacancy rates. We actively seek out ways to add long term value to every single project and asset. In this way our research combines macro-economic knowledge and market specific intelligence to support portfolio management, acquisitions and dynamic asset management and development.

There are many ways in which Expert RoInvest can help you with your project by adding value. Whether this involves applying a focused leasing and expense reduction strategy or undertaking development or redevelopment plans. A tailored plan that identifies the key milestones to achieve the targeted result is developed for each investment.